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Floor Plan : Studio - 0 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom

Apartment Details and Selection for Floor Plan: Studio - 0 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom
ApartmentRentDate AvailableAction
2 E. Oak St. Unit 1305 Chicago IL 60611
2 E. Oak St. Unit 2405 Chicago IL 60611
2 E. Oak St. Unit 3403 Chicago IL 60611

Pricing reflects the net effective rate on a 12 month lease.  We are offering 1 month free on all leases 12-15 months and 2 months free on all 23-26 month leases! 

Below are the tenant selection criteria, which is used to evaluate whether an applicant qualifies for admission to occupancy or continued residency:

  • Credit Score – VantageScore 3.0
    • Acceptable: 625-850
    • Conditional*: 551-624 or N/A
    • Rejected: 300-550
    • Accepted Guarantor: 650-850
  • Rent to Income Ratio
    • Acceptable: <35%
    • Conditional: >36%
    • Accept Guarantor: <25%
  • Employment History
    • Rejected if: Negative
  • Collections with Apartment Communities
    • Rejected if: 1 or more on credit report – AND/OR – at least than $250 in the last 5 years
  • Late Rental Payments
    • Rejected if: At least 5 in the last year
  • NSF’ed Rental Payments
    • Rejected if:  At least 2 in the last year
  • Outstanding Rental Balance
    • Rejected:  At least 2 in the last year
  • Rental Write-Offs of Balance
    • Rejected: At least $250 in the last 5 years
  • Rents in Collections
    •  Rejected: At least $250 in the last 5 years
  • Civil Court Filings/Unlawful Detainers
    • Rejected:  At least 2 in the last year
  • Civil Court Monetary Judgement
    • Rejected:  1 in the last 5 years with an amount at or above $250
  • Civil Court Possession/Forcible Detainers
    • At least 1 in the last 7 years

Your credit and tenant history will be reviewed first. If we determine your application is acceptable based on your credit and tenant history, then a criminal background check will be run. You will have the right to provide evidence demonstrating inaccuracies within your criminal history or evidence of rehabilitation and other mitigating factors. Further information on your rights can be found at the Cook County Commission on Human Rights website at

69 W. Washington Street, Suite 3040

Chicago, IL 60602


Persons with Criminal convictions by means of judgment of liability, entered upon a plea, verdict or finding of guilt in the last three years that show a demonstrable risk to residents’ personal safety and/or likelihood of serious damage to property will be rejected.Below is the Criminal Background Criteria:*A conditional credit screening result means a qualified co-signor or guarantor is needed to added to the lease, please see “Accepted Guarantor” on above table for criteria.

  • Persons with a current sex offender registration requirement pursuant to the Sex Offender Registration ACT (or similar law in another jurisdiction) will be rejected.
Persons with a current child sex offender residency restriction.
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